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Partner For New Auto Insurance

Looking for a UK Partner to form a unique business concept aimed at the UK Automotive Insurance market. The concept is for the Partner to act as a Broker between the insured and the insurer. Ideally with insurance industry or motor trade knowledge and possess a broad range of skills which will add value.

The UK Automotive Insurance industry has always offered a class system of insurance cover from the basic third party requirement to a comprehensive policy which covers just about any eventuality. Most accidents and most claims are very minor, often small dents or scratches. Typically as the vehicle ages plus the wear and tear - it's expected to pick up minor scratches and dents, much of this type of damage will have limited impact on the second hand value of the vehicle.

As many will know, if one is planning on trading their vehicle for a new or nearly new model, or if one has an older vehicle. They may typically lose a third off its original value, hence repairing such damage often has little or no material impact on the overall sale value.

This fact costs insurance companies huge sums of money because the owners will often use their comprehensive policy to have the repair work undertaken which far exceeds the monetary benefit of the equity value which may be added to the vehicle.

This business proposal will reduce the costs to the insurance industry at the same time compensate the insured, it's a win-win for both parties. The Partner will be acting as a third party between the insurance company and the insured (vehicle owner) in order to settle such claims without the need to submit the full (repair) claim.

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