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Structured and Positive Approach

Posted by Saverio Bongo, Executive Forum, Saturday 05 May 2012 11:53:49 am

Attending the Executive Forum during the period I was actively looking for work was invaluable to me.

I felt the weekly meetings gave me:

-         A great place to meet other executives who are in the same position as me. You can exchange experiences and ideas to help one another.

-         The weekly interactive presentations on the various ways to get back into work were invaluable.

-         Making sure that you interact with other people and have a break from job searching is vitally important.

In summary job searching whilst not working can be a very lonely and an isolated place. The Executive Forum gave me support and guidance and a chance to interact with others which is to me was vital. I am not aware of any other similar service which is offered on a free of charge basis.

There dedicated work in helping others during difficult times was key to me keeping a structured and positive approach to getting me back into work.

James Aldridge, Experienced Buyer and Product Manager.