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Helping executives back into the workplace

Posted by Saverio Bongo, Executive Forum, Saturday 10 September 2011 2:28:35 pm

With the high unemployment rates in the UK and many businesses affected by the credit-crunch, Oaklands College has been running an Executive Programme aimed at helping local executives and professionals back into work.

It has already helped a large number of unemployed professionals, with well over half of those finding new opportunities, whether through employment, starting their own business or finding voluntary work and enrollment on courses to further their knowledge base.

Neil Evans, Manager, Ernst& Young and former Executive Forum member, described how it helped and motivated him to focus his job hunting during a difficult time: “Through the guidance and leadership of the experienced facilitators, I was made aware of different tools and techniques to market myself and my CV.”

Neil added that the Executive Forum enabled him to meet with people in a similar position that “provided support in a safe and friendly environment while also opening network opportunities.”

Forum members discuss topics such as career transition. job searching, behavioural styles and interview techniques as well as receiving additional insight from guest speakers and local experts. The programme also offers advice on how to deal with all aspects of redundancy, including financial, personal and work/life balance.