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Climbing back to the TOP

Posted by Saverio Bongo, Executive Forum, Saturday 05 May 2012 11:05:04 am

“In April 2009 at the height of the Banking crisis when many companies were forced to down-size and cancel contracts, I joined the partly government funded Executive Forum Alumni, where unemployed highly skilled and motivated professionals were brought together and were able to get help and assistance in order to find a way back into a working environment.

I had not been able to find any contracts for 6 months as the job market was very caustic. As my Industry started to recover I used some of the learning’s from the course to perform better in my job search and Interviews. In a very competitive job market these proved invaluable.

Funding should not be cut for the Executive Forum as the successes are there for everyone to see. I am now a member of the Executive Alumni and have provided my experience at Executive Forum sessions.” 

Paul Gould, Owner of GPP Consultancy Ltd