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What people say about the Executive Forum.

Encouragement, Inspiration and Motivation

Posted by Saverio Bongo, Executive Forum, Friday 06 July 2012 2:21:11 pm

The Executive Forum provides tangible help and support to those for whom the usual Jobcentre Plus services have little to offer.

Sharing experiences and knowledge with your peers and witnessing the successes of others provides the motivation, inspiration and encouragement to ignore the knock-backs and just keep plugging away. For me, that translated into a 2 week role with a major international retail organisation that is still on-going 5 months later.
I sincerely hope the EF is able to continue helping others in their quest for a better and more fulfilling future for as long as their services are needed.

David Davey, Human Resources Manager.

Bridged The Gap

Posted by Saverio Bongo, Executive Forum, Monday 07 May 2012 10:56:28 am

The Executive Forum was invaluable for me. It provided a shared context to discuss and explore the issues of losing your job.

I was also able to receive excellent advice and guidance about how to  work through my various options. Thanks to the Executive Forum I extended my networks and through that network was referred to my first new client, helping me to set myself up as a consultant.

Dan Fletcher, Experienced Senior Fundraiser

Structured and Positive Approach

Posted by Saverio Bongo, Executive Forum, Saturday 05 May 2012 11:53:49 am

Attending the Executive Forum during the period I was actively looking for work was invaluable to me.

I felt the weekly meetings gave me:

-         A great place to meet other executives who are in the same position as me. You can exchange experiences and ideas to help one another.

-         The weekly interactive presentations on the various ways to get back into work were invaluable.

-         Making sure that you interact with other people and have a break from job searching is vitally important.

In summary job searching whilst not working can be a very lonely and an isolated place. The Executive Forum gave me support and guidance and a chance to interact with others which is to me was vital. I am not aware of any other similar service which is offered on a free of charge basis.

There dedicated work in helping others during difficult times was key to me keeping a structured and positive approach to getting me back into work.

James Aldridge, Experienced Buyer and Product Manager.

Learning Key Skills

Posted by Saverio Bongo, Executive Forum, Saturday 05 May 2012 11:37:52 am

I can't say enough great things about the Executive Forum!

It delivers an environment that boosts self-esteem, gives you courage, opens your eyes to new opportunities and - crucially - a network of professional people to maintain that momentum ! Not to mention learning key skills to help you back into employment.

Where would the growing number of redundant professionals in Hertfordshire be without this superior coaching opportunity? 

Sian Duddy, Marketing Manager.

Shared Experiences and Mutual Support

Posted by Saverio Bongo, Executive Forum, Saturday 05 May 2012 11:31:27 am

"Well done Oaklands College for laying on a course like this, aimed at a group that seldom seems to be recognised - the unemployed qualified professional. From the first day of the course it was great to see that many of our own experiences of job searching and unemployment were shared - we were not unique individuals who must work it all out on our own. Through the course organisers and invited speakers we learnt tools to help in our job searches and honed the resilience that is so necessary to keep trying to get that next job. And of the course, and the Alumni group gave me a feeling of mutual support that is so very valuable."

Simon Goodwin, Business Partner, Team Leader and Management Accountant.

Valuable and Practical

Posted by Saverio Bongo, Executive Forum, Saturday 05 May 2012 11:17:28 am

The Executive Programme was a very valuable course that helped me to focus on getting my next role.  Practical feedback from both the course leaders and fellow forum members was excellent and insightful.

Brian Parry, Business Development Manager, Financial Services sector. 

Meet new like-minded individuals

Posted by Saverio Bongo, Executive Forum, Saturday 05 May 2012 11:13:32 am

“After seven years working from home on a contract I felt a bit lost.  The EF connected me with people in the community who inspired and energized me once again. I get a buzz from posting a great job opportunity when I can.”

Suzanne Watts, Marketing Consultant, Enterprise AB Ltd   

Best Next Steps

Posted by Saverio Bongo, Executive Forum, Saturday 05 May 2012 11:09:38 am

“The Executive Forum Alumni website works for me and others like me. Through it I can find links to potential work, support and ideas, a local employment agency saw my details on the site and put me forward for a contract with BP and this is all within the first few weeks of the website going live! 

My thanks to all the organisations that had the vision and found the funds to makethe development of the site possible.” Belinda Naylor-Stables, Change Management Consultant and Learning Development Advisor

Gained Self-esteem

Posted by Saverio Bongo, Executive Forum, Saturday 05 May 2012 11:07:13 am

Following my attendance at the Executive Programme (EF14), it helped me build my confidence,self-esteem, knowledge, understanding and skills to prepare me for a return to work. Taught me about the power of social media and networking and how to use this to raise my profile and employment opportunities. The Executive Forum experience helped me to get a 10 week contract with the Greater London Authority. 

Liz Prosser, Well being & Physical Activity Consultant.

Climbing back to the TOP

Posted by Saverio Bongo, Executive Forum, Saturday 05 May 2012 11:05:04 am

“In April 2009 at the height of the Banking crisis when many companies were forced to down-size and cancel contracts, I joined the partly government funded Executive Forum Alumni, where unemployed highly skilled and motivated professionals were brought together and were able to get help and assistance in order to find a way back into a working environment.

I had not been able to find any contracts for 6 months as the job market was very caustic. As my Industry started to recover I used some of the learning’s from the course to perform better in my job search and Interviews. In a very competitive job market these proved invaluable.

Funding should not be cut for the Executive Forum as the successes are there for everyone to see. I am now a member of the Executive Alumni and have provided my experience at Executive Forum sessions.” 

Paul Gould, Owner of GPP Consultancy Ltd